Your Personal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil — the finest oil can now become your new daily luxury for nutrition.

Your Personal Extra Virgin Olive Oil theSpartantable

 We offer this personal size of our Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil at 

Special Promotion Price 11,9$ USD.  FREE SHIPPING on every order.

 One order contains seven (7) small PET (BPA free) bottles of our Finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Each bottle contains 0.5 oz or 14 ml.

 This package will come to you in a sturdy paper box, a specialty from The Spartan Table.

 Whether you are at work or at school, traveling or busy running errands, you can carry your own personal Extra Virgin Olive Oil to use with salads, meals, in the lunch box.  A daily quantity of EVOO is not only healthy; it tastes delicious.  Also can be used for skin moisturizer with excellent results.

 This extra virgin olive oil comes from the "Tree of Athena" or "Athinoelia" as we Greeks once called this gift of nature.  It is fruity and spicy with a wonderful aroma and has an acidity of 0,37. We produced it in December 2015 and we hope that you treasure it as much as we do!

 From the mythical land of Greece and from our table, The Spartan Table, to your table, this EVOO will transport you back in time to the ancient roots of a noble civilization.  What better way to celebrate food and life!