The First Extrissimo Olive Oil of Greece - An "Upshake Lift of Taste" Posted on 17 Oct 18:05 , 0 comments

                                                Friday 16th of October 2015

                                     One of the days which we 'll remember for ever.

                                               First Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Greece, Athinoelia variety, thespartantable

    We 've lived in Sparta for more of the 3/4 of our lives and so far we thought we had seen and learn about many things and facts about extra virgin olive oil.

Well,   we have to admit it... We were terribly wrong!

In our region, Lakonia,  there's always a big "fight" between the locals..

                             "Our part produces the best EVOO"


                              "The farms on the mountain sides produces more tasty EVOO"


                               "The farms with this or that way of cultivation, produces Finest EVOO"


       Opinions are many.. most of the time everyone's trying to promote his/hers EVOO and prove that he/she has the Perfect One.

                                             But You know something? 

                                    Everybody 's wrong and right in the same time..

   You see , our region is one of the 3 biggest producing areas  of Olive Oil in Greece..

And the 2nd one in Kalamata Olives production.

And if You consider that Greece is the 3rd producer of Olive Oil in the world, You 'll understand the piece in the Olive Oil production pie that  Lakonia has.

And also You have to keep in mind that Lakonia produces ONLY extra virgin olive oil.


   To be completely honest about  the claimings of our Fellow Lakonians,  we don't want to take the side of anyone.There's no reason! 

                     You see, every Ethical Olive Producer has his own "green gold".

   This is the  reward for the Ones who 're treating the blessed olive trees of this Mythical land with care and love. 

               The Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Kalamata Olives  with an unmatched taste.

Τhanks to the differentiated ground morphology,  the quantity and quality of the Olive Products per farm can't be the same everywhere in Lakonia. 

     Don't think that they are any huge differences... not even small ones... Strong , mild, bitter.. small differences  which can give to oils a specific taste and identity!

All these Olive Oils and Table Olives are simply Great!

    Now back to our little story:

   We 've heard for many years about a specific part of our region that produces ALWAYS the first EVOO in Greece and probably in the world!

It was just a couple of months ago, when we met a very old Dear Friend who has left the life of the town and decided to stay in the wilderness of a small -almost - abandoned village.

He had bought some olive groves and started cultivated the ancient trees.
We had to see him for more than 7 years and we were so glad by meeting him again than August evening!

He told us about his life and groves and metnioned this sacred priviledge of his land..
Having the FIRST extra virgin olive oil of Greece every year!

Just few days ago, the phone rang (yes, we are old fashion and we still have a landline!).
From the other side of the wire , we heard: "It's here!... the First Olive Oil of the Season is HERE!

     And now , if You like close Your eyes and Imagine a deep green color oil which hasn't "cleared" yet.
It's strong and has a bitter taste. This means that it holds all the precious ingredients, antioxidants, vitamin E and polyphenols with a low accidity!
We haven't made any chemical analysis yet - we 'll get this in few days - but it's accidity is about 0,3% which put's it to the "extrissimo" category of extra virgin olive oils!

Yes, there's such category... If You haven't heard of it so far here's the full description:

     "EXTRISSIMO is the name of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil with an acidity of maximum 0.3%."

We tried it last night - we cooked a special meal to "honor" it , though it was too late (but we are Greeks and we use to eat late most of the time:)).

It's a pitty that there's no way through these lines to transfer You the awakening of the senses while enjoying our meal last night! It was Divine!

   And from now on , we are giving You (and to ourselves) a promise

We 'll never claim or think again that we 've seen and know many things about the EVOO of our land!  (O.K, sometimes we might forget it and claim that we found another better hidden treasure , but please remember: we don't do it on purpose!... we are simple humans:))


                        Have a Great Weekend!

                       From evening sunny Sparta



                                               First Extrissimo Olive Oil in Greece , New Crop October 2015, Sparta

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