Introducing our land Posted on 30 Oct 16:20 , 0 comments

Dear Friends,

It’s been around 3 years since my wife Jehny and I left the corporate world after many years and decided to return back to our roots.


The transition wasn’t easy.. We could say sometimes it was really hard to seek and find. Especially in the first weeks!

But soon, we find out why… it was they way we were “seeing” the world so far. How we were living through the daily issues and routine, how we were handling our time and ourselves with the People, Facts and things in life.In other words how we were living.

Leaving behind a “secure way of life” , even in the middle of Greek Financial crisis — which is still here after 7 years and keep going — wasn’t the “wise choice” for many people.But it was the only way to gain back our life.

We started visiting our Father’s houses on the villages , up on the mountains and we visited our olive groves after many years.This is where our senses started to awake.This is where we felt that we are alive again.But the real “epiphany” or the real world came upon our first visit on the mountain tops.Where Mother Nature is still untouched by any human interference or greed.And that was it…. We were ready to start all over again.Older but a little wiser.Because finally we understood that we knew nothing.That we had to let our senses and heart guide us.

We created a small place in our house and a big place in our heart and mind to include back everything that we loved since we were kids.When the innocence and purity were still filling our souls.

We tried to implement this to our new way of life. As our Ancient Ancestors were teaching : “Live Simple”

Our Mythical land is still full of humble treasures.They are not deep in the earth.Actually they grow and blossom on the surface , giving us their precious fruits and more, every year. They keep reminding us that “All we need are simply here, waiting to be sharing among the People”

There ‘s an old saying : “ You must do two things in Your life:

a) Travel as much as You can

b) Read as much — and not only- books as You can

We ‘ve used to travel over the past years. But since things got worst in our country we can’t any more.So the only thing that has left us to “keep travelling” and meet wonderful people is reading and…our humble treasures.

When we visited the mountains and saw the treasures up there in the wilderness of the high tops, instinctively we collected the first ones.It was that moment that our cosmostheory changed for ever.


“Sharing the treasures from our land”..This phrase stuck in our minds and since then it’s still here , stronger than ever.This is the only way it has left for us “to travel, meet and share” moments in life.

That’s why we are here today, writing these lines.We aren’t used of writing much cause we beleive that “saying less is more”.

We ‘ld like to invite You in a Wonderful trip to our land. Would You Join us?