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Oregano ,

Wild oregano, Rio, origan

Official name : Origanum Vulgare.

For dental pain and rheumatism.

Wild Oregano blossoming on Taygetus Mountain August 2015 TheSpartanTable


The Greeks knew over thousands of years about the therapeutic value of oregano and used it internally by drinking the decoction of, for convulsions, poisoning, colic.

Externally used it to relief swellings that ached.

When hunters have killed a hare, always put on its belly a few sprigs of oregano in order not to smell until they 'll be back home.

 During the years botanists and doctors discovered that Oregano has many interesting and very useful properties so in nowdays we know that it's an amazing herb!


The Useful parts of oregano: Whole plant while it's blooming.

 Wild Oregano blossoms between rocks on 5500 feet on Taygetus   "TheSpartanTable"

We find it mainly in the wild landscapes and the appropriate time to the pick is from late May to September (depending always the altitude which it grows)

Then we just let it dry in a dark and dry place and store in glass jars.


Because Oregano has many uses, if You love this plant You 'll use it many times during the year.

 You can find cultivated oregano in many stores.

But if you try - just once - wild oregano (as well as thyme and savory) then You 'll never return to the cultivated one!


Oregano 's substances: essential oil, thymol, carvacrol, Tannin, resin.

Properties and indications: tonic, appetizer, stimulant.

Sedative and antispasmodic in the pains of muscles and lung diseases.

Valuable for many problems of the stomach, particularly gastric atony.

Also stops diarrhea if you drink 1-2 cups of coffee of oregano decoction without honey.

The decoction of oregano combined with anise seeds (boiling a half teaspoon of each kind and adding half cup teaspoon honey) is the most effective drug when we aerophagy, bloating, and gasses in the stomach.

Analgesic in acute or chronic rheumatism, pains in muscles and joints (then we need to drink three cups with infusions a day and put warm poultices) and toothache (gargling or chewing a small sprig).

Expectorant (fluidizes sputum) and especially useful in chronic bronchitis and pertussis.

Antiseptic of the airways in asthma and tuberculosis of the lungs.

Astringent in intestinal disorders and abdominal pains.

Emmenagogue, in cases of amenorrhea (without being abortifacient).

Gathering by hand Wild Oregano on Taygetus August 2015  "The Spartan Table" 


How to use

As a decoction: Boil a teaspoon in a pot of water. Drink a cup at each meal or after.

Especially for gasses difficult to go, you should boil half teaspoon oregano and half teaspoon anise and start to drink when becoming lukewarm adding half a teaspoon of honey (it will help if immediately after circular caress our belly, in the opposite direction This clockwise).

Essential oil: Pour 2 -3 drops in a spoonful of honey, 2 -3 times a day.


For your bathroom is soothing and stimulant in whatever way you use it. You can or add twigs in the warm bath water, or boil a handful (30 grams - 1oz) oregano in a liter of water and add it in the warm bath water.

For pain in muscles and joints, you can put local hot poultices boiled oregano, which cover with warm bran.


An ideal lotion pains of rheumatism and general joint is as follows: 5ml of oregano essential oil and 95 ml of alcohol from rosemary. You can ask to prepare it in a homeopathic pharmacy (prescription by French Physician Valnet).


Wild Oregano from Mountain Taygetus revealed - The SpartanTable 

And don't forget:

Oregano is one of the most popular herbs in the Greek and Cypriot cuisine. Fresh or dried stems of oregano give the Mediterranean delicacies a wonderful flavor as they are one basic ingredients of Italian and French mixtures of herbs.

Oregano is very popular plant for its culinary properties, fits in most meats and fish, giving them a unique taste. It is among the best herbs for the kitchen as well as the core of any botanical collection.



Although oregano has been used for centuries as both a culinary and medicinal herb,as
with any treatment or medication, oregano is a potent herb and should be used judiciously in consultation with your health care provider. It can interact with other medicines and when used as a medicine should be used only after consulting your pharmacist.