Gift parcel, "The Kings" series : "Mountain's Treasures", Wild Oregano, Sea Salt and Wild Thyme in a Gift Box, the Ideal gift


"The Kings" series : "Mountain's Treasures" , The Ideal Gift

Over the last 3 years we tried and experimented various ways in order to present You only the Best and Authentic treasures of our Mythical land.


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This Gift Box is one from our new series of Special Gift Boxes and it's an Awesome Luxury Gift idea.

It's an Authentic Collection of 3 from our Unique treasures!

Wild oregano and Thyme from mount Taygetus, handpicked & dried naturally. Raw natural sea salt from the rock's of Mani area.

3 glass series with :
Wild Oregano from Taygetus - Perhaps the best in the world.
Wild Thyme from Taygetus
Natural Sea Salt from Mani's rocks.

A Collection of 1,3oz (35gr) of Natural Authentic Products of the Spartan Land, as they remain Pure and "untouched" from today's "modern civilization"

In Old Times this could be a "Gift for Kings"...
Nowdays, we did our best so You can offer it to Your "Kings"... Family , Friends..

And a last but important note : Shipping fees are FREE...

So, don't think it twice... Offer "The Kings" Parcel to Your Beloved Ones or to Yourself.
You deserve it!

All our love
Jehny & George

About the "2 Kings" (Where we got the inspiration for the name of the new parcels):

Sparta had Two Kings. One belonged to the dynasty "Agiadon ' while the other to that of" Evrypontidon ".The two families according to legend came from the twin descendants of Hercules, the Eurysthenes and Procles respectively.
The responsibilities of Kings was both military and religious