About Us

The Spartan Table was born out of the natural flow of events happening around us. The mounting pressures we were experiencing daily from our environment increased our stress, dominated our thoughts and deaden our senses. These forces lead us down wrong paths and inspired bad choices, especially choices about our daily diet and nutrition.

The economic crisis was just the last brick in a prison wall that kept us from living an authentic life one of caring about ourselves and the world.

This situation inspired us to leave behind almost eighteen years of a meaningless corporate driven existence and start a new.

After long walks and many hours of contemplation, it occurred to us that our mundane day-to-day struggles had blinded us. We realized that actually, we are living in a blessed place. Like infants experiencing the world for the first time we enthusiastically explored our family history. We shared stories with family members who throughout their rich lives had stood at the gates of old farms and fields, and watched the sun rise and set over the high tops of the mountains, while at the same time regretting the loss of those loved ones whose rich experiences were now but fond memories. Then all at once, we knew. Everything became so clear in our minds. We simply had to dig and find, gather and try and invite good friends to share in the treasures of our mythical land, the land of the Spartans.

In the summer of 2013, we started The Spartan Table with just four herbs. That autumn we added olive paste, olives, olive oil, tomatoes, sea salt and six more wild herbs. In the spring of 2014, we added honey and raisins to our product line.

We are a Family Operated Business, located in Sparta, Greece with a story of Olive Farming for more than 100 years.We want to share the Authentic Treasures of our Mythical Land with our Friends over the world and invite them to be a part of the Spartan Culture.

Etsy  community was our first "home." We found there amazing People who supported and embraced us with love and care.

We are a small team of 5 people, all our Family's members.

You can contact us at: george@thespartantable.com

Our mailbox address:

The Spartan Table

Dioskouron 41 - Sparta 23100



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