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Jenny S.  - Czech Republic   3/3/2016

EVOO Subscription Parcel with Olives and Baklava Rolls


T. Kelly  -  U.S.A    18/2/2016  

This is one of the MOST EXCITING purchases I have made on Etsy. I do not say that lightly as I have made more purchases from Etsy than anywhere else in the past 5 years. This box is EXQUISITE! The packing, The ingredients, The Quality, The Care is evident in every morsel! These are the best Turkish Delights I have ever had. The Sesame Seed Bars.. I am like a giddy girl unpacking and sampling. This is not a trifle but FINE GIFT TO SEND TO YOUR LOVED ONES! As you can see, I am extremely thrilled to promote Spartan Table. The sweetest customer service and shop ever. :) Thank you! I can't wait to try another from you! EXQUISITE! So well worth the wait! pS. My 8 month old gives the Grape Juice Cookies 5 stars. They are more than cookies, they are confection perfection! My only regret is not ordering some tea! The raisins are divine!



Emily K.  - U.S.A  1/10/2015

Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, Gourmet Food Gift, Greek Food, Artisan Olive Oil, Spartan Table, Cooking Oil, 600 ml Cans Oil
The best olive oil in the world! I am serious :) If you think that olive oil in your local store can even compare well you need to try it to believe it! I won't buy olive oil anywhere else. The oil is so fresh and complex that it's perfect for enjoying right out of the can (try it on crisp fresh bread).
I love this store and every product is just amazing. The owners are so lovely to work with and always include a little something extra in your package. Products also arrive more quickly that you would expect. Just about 7 days from Sparta to Seattle!


Vivian H. - France 30/9/2015

A Parcel full of Olives
I grew up with Kalamata Olives and Greek Sesame sweets (South Africa had a large greek community & where I was brought up olives were - kalamata - I didnt even know there were other kinds till I was about 22!) Over the years since that long ago time I have found that (probably owing to industrialisation of production and farming) almost nothing I buy at any price has come close to the olives of my youth. These do. It's as simple as that. They look pretty much individually selected, they are firm and taste "right". They came with some sesame crunch that should be marketed in its own right (really really good!) and some mountain herbs which are almost too flavoursome if that is possible. They may have to make some compromises in future but in all honesty they deserve to succeed and should charge double for a premium product!!!


Cora - U.S.A  4/9/2015

Delicious Honey from wild flowers with Wild Walnuts - Polyflora honey - 310gr jar
Jehny and George, thanks for another tasty treat from Greece! The honey with walnuts is so delicious. And thanks too for thoughtful packaging - the plastic jar with the screw cap works perfectly and I know it saves on shipping cost as well. We are enjoying this as much as everything you have sent to us. Thanks again for sharing the delicious flavors of your part of the world with mine!


Debra - U.S.A 15/7/2015

Bay Leaves Dried, daphne leafs greek, gourmet herbs, laurus nobilis, organic bay leaves, Sparta, Greece, 5gr
Fast shipment of this item from Greece. I was amazed at the size of the laurus nobilis - the noble leaves are huge! Not the sort of herbs we get here in California! My stews and soups will taste wonderful with these genuine bay leaves.


J.S - U.S.A  1/6/2015

Special Pack for Jenny
This was a gift for my parents anniversary. Jehny was so kind and helpful, politely answering all of my questions, altering the package to my special requests and shipping it promptly.
She included a beautiful handwritten note and my parents had their package (in Minnesota) within a week of being posted from Greece.
I will definitely order again, if not for myself, for a gift.