Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece and get Your First Olive Oil from Your Tree


Adopt Your Olive Tree and let us take good care of it & Get Your First Extra Virgin Olive Oil from it!

Without your support, it will take till eternity to re-build….And with your support today, there is joy for many, many lifetimes to come.

This adoption package includes:
i) A certificate of adoption of a tree in a wooden frame and its coordinates so that you can zoom in to your tree on Google earth plus (You will receive also the certificate via email)

ii) A photo of Your tree , send via email

iii) A voucher of 20% discount on all your purchases from The Spartan Table for the next 12 months

iv) Your First Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Your Tree - 280ml  pure Extra virgin olive oil , raw and unfiltered! - An olive oil that was still ‘hanging on the tree’ just few weeks before!

v) 20gr of Wild Oregano from Taigetos Mountain plus


This farm has belonged to our family for more than 80 years. During that time we have chosen to adhere to the natural farming practices used by our ancestors. Although nature provides us with so many of the tools we need to cultivate our groves in the dry climate of Sparta a watering system beyond what rain can provide has been necessary. Fortunately, in 1985 we were able to complete such a system which worked quite well until 1986 when fires ravaged the land destroying the watering network and about 200 of our trees. We were fortunate enough to be able to replace those trees and today we are pleased to say that there are more than 600 trees thriving in our groves.
Of those 600 trees 90% are a variety called "Kalamon" which is known around the world as producing the delicious Kalamon or Kalamata olive, which rank as some of the best in the world. The rest of our trees are another variety that produce olive oil a product for which Greece is famous.
As inheritors of this wonderful land we are committed to following the path laid out by our ancestors and we would be honored if you would share the treasures of our land with us. With your help we can not only leave these wonderful groves and all they contain to our children and their children but we will be able to preserve this wonderful legacy of our ancestors, the Spartans for the world. Our vision has always been and will continue to be the independent, sustainable, natural production of high-quality products which are perfect to share with family and friends.

Join us in our journey to revive the trees of peace in our grove and take your seat at The Spartan Table.

The tree you adopt will remain in your name and under our care and love for a lifetime.
Your certificate of adoption is yours to give as a
legacy or to share with beloved family members
or friends.
Your tree and our family will be waiting here for
you and you are always welcome to visit it, and us
anytime. Adopting one of these majestic trees is
like creating your own place in Sparta, a familiar
place when the glories of the past and the warmth
and hospitality of the present promise you an
unforgettable time.
We like to believe that everyone, no matter
where they come from is a Spartan at heart. This
tree will be your Spartan bond. We hope it will tie
your heart to Sparta forever and that someday
soon it will lead you to our groves and to our table.