Bay Leaves Dried, daphne leafs greek, gourmet herbs, laurus nobilis, organic bay leaves, Sparta, Greece, 5gr


Dried bay leafs - Laurus nobilis - Bay Leaves or Daphne (Δάφνη) in Greek Leaves

The offer for 5 g. is the less quantity that you can always have in stock in your Cuisine. Leaves are very light and the above quantity often contains more than 15 ones.


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Keep in mind that you'll use few leaves each time so you can calculate your own consumption.
If you have any questions about the leaves, or you need bigger quantity and if you want to create your own Greek Dish with the bay leaves, i 'll gladly share my traditional receipts with you.

They're members of the laurel family, the leaves used to make wreaths for Olympic champions in the days before gold medals.
Myth says that when Greek God Apollo was after nymph Daphne, the Earth spirit Gaea hid her by transforming her into a laurel tree. Apollo in turn made the tree sacred, so it became a powerful symbol of honor, not just as a crown for athletes, but as a spiritual medium/hallucinogen for the oracle of Delphi and as a nod of respect to the arts (the etymological similarity between laurel and laureate isn't coincidental—Apollo was also the god of poetics).
In the Middle Ages bay leaves were popular insecticides and medicine, their lauric acid a good fix for keeping moths and feisty humors at bay. Their rich, gentle, savory flavors paired easily with popular roast meats and the phylogeny of stocks and sauces rapidly developing in Medieval and Renaissance kitchens.

Bay leaves are never eaten themselves and are really just used to add extra flavour to a number of dishes. Bay leaves can be used in the following ways:
Prepare a bouquet garni and add to soups, stews, casseroles and sauces,
Add to boiling water for shrimp, crab and other seafood,
Use in marinades for meat and fish,
Add to boiling water for shrimp, crab and other seafood,
Add to milk when preparing homemade rice puddings or other milk puddings.

Modern scientific research has confirmed numerous health effects of bay leaves, especially for diabetes and heart disease.
Scientists have found that bay leaves contain:
Enzymes that break down proteins and promote healthy digestion
Phytonutrients that help improve heart function
Compounds believed to aid in cancer prevention
And for those seeking to treat diabetes, the antioxidants provided by bay leaves aid in the absorption of insulin, which can have a powerful overall health effect.

Our Bay Leaves are gathered from our garden's house at my Father's Village "Serveika".
The Villlage stands at 600m height on Taygetos and our Bay trees (Daphne) gives us their marvelous leaves over decades.
It's a unique gift of our blessed land which i 'ld like to share with you.