Black Natural Olives in EVOO double pack, Kalamata Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Savory, 600 gr


A wonderful example of Greek food at its best. Our gourmet Kalamon olives are harvested at the peak of ripeness ensuring that every olive has an earthy robust flavor. Kalamon olives also known in some parts of the world as Kalamata olives are considered a superior variety.

When you purchase our Kalamata olives, you will receive 2 jars each one with 220gr (8oz) of olives, with 60gr (2oz) of our wonderful extra virgin olive oil. To enhance the flavor, we add Savory giving the olives a delightful taste.


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Olive Tree is our Life!

We are very proud of our family heritage. We recall memories from our childhood. As each time comes up as if our Grandparents are walking with us, hand in hand! We want you to experience this too in our products!

Each November a ritual that comes from the ancient times, and is revived here in our olive groves.

The Olive Crop Process:

We use our hands mostly, blessed by nature in the harvesting of the fruit of the trees. Then we let them "sleep" in our warehouse in big tanks with water and salt. As time passes by - after 6 months at least - they start losing their intense bitterness and acquire a sweet soft amazing taste. (Like a fine wine they have to mature into sweetness).

We monitor the level of sweetness or bitterness and extract them from the tanks at the right time. Then they are placed in glass vases with the extra virgin olive oil from our groves and carefully sealed.
When you desire to have it to your table, it's time to put them in their "own" jar, ready for their trip.

They are ready to consume when they arrive in your home. 
We believe that you may find yourselves holding an empty jar after few minutes, asking for more.
But if you belong to those, who can retain their passion for the ultimate taste pleasure, you can keep the jar in a cabinet of your kitchen. These delicious black olives from Greece in extra virgin olive oil - can last for many months. Just remember to top them up, with olive oil as there must always be an olive oil "film" on top of the olives. This will form a natural protection to keep the black olives fresh. The left over extra virgin olive oil is very useful for salads or cooking. It is a standalone product too!

The story behind this packaging: 
It started as a custom order and ended as an another safe package for our Kalamon Olives from our Family's groves.
A certified for food and recyclable Pet jar guarantees the protection of this Unique Product!
It is lighter than the glass bottle but holds the almost the same amount of olives, allowing even 50% less shipping fees!!

The Spartan Table is not only about Natural Food and Taste, but it's aiming at a higher Purpose too.
Building "bridges" (as we call these), or in other words: "True relationships between People".
Therefore, we love to be transparent and true.
We hate hidden "spots" and "deals" and we love our Friends to enjoy the highest Service and Quality!
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"Tο λακωνίζειν εστί φιλοσοφείν" as our Ancient Ancestors used to say, or
"Brevity is the soul of wit" as many centuries later, William Shakespeare wrote.