Book of Honey, Unfiltered unheated honey gift in a Handmade gift box with Christmas/Winter theme


Book of Honey, Unfiltered unheated honey gift in a  Handmade gift box with Christmas/Winter theme

Handmade gift box with Christmas/Winter theme
Contains six (6) glass jars with 140gr (5oz) of product (each one).

Dear Friends, we are presenting you, our new product range of "Raw & Unfiltered honeys", 
in a unique handmade box! 
One of the best gifts you can make this holiday season.
Make a wonderful surprise to your beloved ones

The basic idea is to enrich your daily nutrition adding beautiful flavors and taste while using our raw, unheated and unfiltered honeys. 
Plus You 'll taste an authentic handmade traditional greek sweet, always made by us in our kitchen.

A handmade paper box with decoupage with a Christmas-Winter theme.
It has also an inside magnet to close perfectly.
It includes:
5 glass jars with aluminum cap with raw, unfiltered and unheated honey, with a sixth glass jar with a handmade traditional greek sweet.
5 different honeys - see below*

You can use the handmade box to keep anything precious you want.
Dimensions : 5,9 x 4,9 x 2,2 inches

*The six (6) glass jars contain:
1. Honey from wild flowers (from our mountains and the valley of Sparta)
2.Honey from orange trees (single variety, with a sweet taste and light color, from the valley of Sparta)
3.Honey from wild thyme (coming from the mountains which wild thyme blossoms every June to July at high heights (fantastic aroma and sweet taste)
4.Honey from wild flowers with honeycomb (a unique and authenitc combination - You must try it)
5.Honey with wild walnuts from our family garden at house on Parnonas mountain. 
6.Handmade traditional greek sweet. Fruits, few sugar and love. Believe us, You don't need anything else!

Note: You can customize the flavors/honeys if you want.
Send us a message about the ones which you desire and the number of each flavor.
The total number of the glass jars must be six (6).