Breakfast Time Celebration Pack, Authentic Breakfast Time Table from Sparta.


Celebration Breakfast Pack - Celebration Breakfast - 710gr (25oz)

In a Wonderful Red Box (pls see additional photos), we included our best goodies for an ideal Celebration breakfast!


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Our Celebration Breakfast Pack includes:
1) Black Raisins from our groves - 115gr/4 oz
2) Walnuts from our Mountain garden at Parnonas - 100gr/3,6 oz
3) Honey from Wild Flowers - 155gr / 5,5 oz
4) Shepherd's Tea from Mountain Parnonas - 20 gr / 0,75 oz (10 cups)
and a small "gift"..:)
5) Handmade Wild Strawberry Jam - 120gr/4,25 oz
6) Handmade Sesame bars - 100gr/3,6 oz

Few useful details about the products:
1) We cultivate our raisins on Taigetos mountain with old traditional ways and dry them under the Summer Sun.
The Walnuts are from our garden in our house on Parnonas Mountain.We don't add fertilizers and similar issues... Just rain and sun...
The Honey comes from the flowers that blosom from May to September on the mountains.
The Shepherd's Tea , is gathered carefully by us , at 1500 meters height (4900ft) on Taigetos during July.
5) The Quince jam is based on a family traditional recipe - is not listed yet as a single product due to limited quantity.
6) The Sesame bars is a daily treat for our Kids and Grandparents... They can't resist on these!
Based on a traditional recipe with white sesame and our honey.

These products are the same which we consume daily in our table and share with our Friends over the years... They are natural, without any preservatives and chemicals..
If You won't consume these (which it 'll be to hard no to, believe us!) You can store to a dark place or in Your refrigerator...

The Red Box, contains 710 grams (25 oz) and we would like to offer it to you at a Celebration price of 42$USD...and we'll ship it to you for FREE!