Celebrating our new olive crop, "Ambassador" series :"The Gift from the Kings", EVOO, wild herbs, sea salt, box.


"Celebrating Our New Olive Crop"- a parcel of our green gold and more with free shipping!!

A Special Gift!

80gr (2,83 oz) of products.


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In January, we finished our second olive crop since returning to our roots in April of 2013.
More experienced & determined than before , we gathered the treasure of our groves with love and care.
The quantity was too low this year.. Only 1/10 of last year's crop. This was the result of our completely natural way of farming. Only watering from our well and the sky, with no chemicals, not even simple fertilizers.
But the quality of olives repaid our sacrifice for a bigger crop.
This is the reason we decided to create this parcel.
We've been planning for over a year to make a parcel with some extra virgin olive oil combined with our wild herbs. We've finally done it!!!
In a parcel with dimensions of 12 x 12 x 3,5cm (3,94 x 3,94 x 1,8 inches), You 'll get:

a) A bottle (mini maraska) with Extra Virgin Olive Oil 30gr (1,06oz) which is enough for some salads or dishes, but most of all , it will give you the REAL taste of the fresh olive oil.
Just imagine that the olives used were still on the trees early of January 2015!
It just can't be fresher than this!!!

b) 5 gr (0,18 oz) Wild Oregano. Mixing this herb with the extra virgin olive oil is a unique & tasty combination for many recipes.

d) 28gr (1 oz) Sea Salt from Mani. This awesome raw sea salt is sure to lift up any dish you make.

e) 8gr (0,29 oz) Thyme. It's just the "cherry" of the above combinations. Use it alone , or with olive oil in many dishes.

f) 8 gr (o,29 oz) Rosemary. We've been using it in almost every dish with meat or fish and we are sure that once you start using it , you won't leave it out of your favorite dishes again.

As we've mentioned above, our crop was small this year and for this reason we can create only 100 such parcels with our fresh extra virgin olive oil.
To make it even better, we decided to share it with YOU for a symbolic price.
Don't bother searching for the shipping fees:). This parcel ships FREE!!

So, please join us in this celebration! We bet that after trying the contents of our new parcel, you won't ever go back to the conventional oils and herbs you're accustomed to:) !!

We look forward to shipping you our "New Crop Celebration Parcel!!" :)

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