Foodie gift, Diet motivator, 300 Spartans, Healthy Nutrition, Spartan Gift, Spartan diet, Extra virgin olive oil, Luxury oil, Mother Gift


Foodie gift, Diet motivator, 300 Spartans, Healthy Nutrition, Spartan Gift, Spartan diet, Extra virgin olive oil, Luxury oil, Mother Gift

In the box: Four (4) Transparent PET rhombus bottle 230ml. 
920ml total.

Jan 2018: The rhombus from which the underlying theme of our new olive oil bottle series, symbolizes the eternal feminine principle.
Revealing changes that take place in the circle of eternity environ more shapes in its figure.

Dimensions of the bottle: 5.9 x 1,95 in
Net Product : 230ml
Note: We fill every bottle upon request/order.
The bottle is ideal due to its shape and weight for safe transportation with the minimum shipping fees.

#Facts and Numbers#
Crop : First week of November 2017 - handpicked.
Quantity Produced : 350 lt - 1 to 8 analogy - 2800 kg of olives)
Cold pressed into a private mill.
Farm : Athinoelia & Koroneiki - 120 trees
Acidity : 0,2
Polyphenols : 750 (3x times than the "EU2012 Health Claim regulation)

Use: Versatile. For Table, Cooking(butter substitute) & Skin care
Taste: Bit spicy and bitter - robust
Transforms meals from rustic to refined.

+++Sharing the Knowledge -What You need to know before picking up Your Evoo:+++
Besides the “everyday extra virgin olive oil” which we all know and use, there are the high-end varieties that can cost $60 or more per lt.
Similar to wine, chocolate, and sea salt, this kitchen staple has joined over the last 20 years the lofty ranks of luxury food items.
Today there are sub-sect of excellent ones “which are taking a life of their own”
These oils are of another grade and quality, because of the superior way in which they are produced.
The olives – usually called cultivars -are picked just before they are ripe making for a less acidic and more fruity and pungent result. 
Then, instead of lying stacked in sacks before being pressed, they are crushed and bottled immediately, minimizing exposure to air, light, and heat, which keeps them from going rancid and musty.
There’s a rising interest in these – “pristine versions” of - oils.
The high-quality extra virgin olive oils are taking up are a more significant share of the market as consumers become more educated about their health benefits and taste.
These varieties aren’t meant just for mixing with balsamic and dumping on salads. The primary recommendation is drinking them from a spoon to fully appreciate their flavor and using them to elevate dishes, similar to a dollop of caviar or the shaving of white truffles.

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Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil from our family farms - A basic of the Spartan Table

Even if you can't travel to and visit Sparta, you have try it for yourself and your loved ones.
It is a chance to taste the Green Gold! 
Our finest in a bottle — the land, the myths and the legends flowing from our table, to yours.
We are very proud of it and hope that you will love it as much as we do!

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