Honey with Honeycomb from Wild Flowers Herbs, Organic honey, An essence of the nature, 11oz


Honey from Wild Herbs & Flowers from the Mountains
308gr (11oz) in PET jar (to keep the total lowest weight).


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A piece of raw honeycomb with honey, directly from the hive to Your table!

One of the products (if we can use this word) that we can't live without it , is Honey.
It's logical You will think... And You 're right.. Living in the valley of Sparta, surrounding by the "two giants", mountain Taigetos (2407m) and Parnonas (1940m), having all these wonderful herbs and flowers, it's normal to have an amazing Honey..

Words are really poor to describe it..
You have to try it..

And the story behind the scenes in few lines....
About 20 years ago, a young man , Bill (Vasilis in Greek), decided to follow his own dream.. To become an apiarist... He got from his Father few bee houses and the love for the bees..
Year after year, Bill created a "second home" on the mountains...
Early March each Year till usually end of October , he spends sleepless nights under the stars , in the forests..in few years, his honey became well known and soon he decided to expand his business..
It was an Autumn evening , about 4 years ago - during a "meeting for coffee" (very common in Greece / we love to drink coffee with Friends and talk about everything..but that's another story)-
we asked him , if he could bring some of his bee houses in our Groves and at the houses on the mountains.. Bill gladly agreed and since then, every year , as bees working endlessly in the groves and fields, Bill deliver us a part of this honey..
Mostly from Wild Flowers and Herbs .. Everyone Loves it... We consume enough kilos per month as a Family (breakfasts, evening meals, sweets) and we share some with Friends...
That's how we decided to share with You , "The Bee's Work" (Bill consider himself as a farmer of bees)...
A Wonderful Honey, raw and unfiltered... As it comes from the hives...

The rest is Yours to discover....

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