Culinary treats and recipes, Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil Promo pack, Seasonal flavors and scents, Unique Flavor and taste


*Including three (3) recipes - will send by email.

This special promo parcel contains three (3) mini bottles of: 
"Rosemary infused extra virgin olive oil"
"Garlic infused extra virgin olive oil"
"Orange infused extra virgin olive oil"
and a pinch of Natural sea salt from Mani's rocks.

**EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil — the finest oil can now become your new daily luxury for nutrition.

Special Promotion Price: 5 USD

*17th of October 2017*

Dear Friends, we are presenting you, our new product range of "Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils."

The basic idea is to enrich your cooking adding beautiful flavors and taste while using extra virgin olive oil.
You can also use some of the distinctive flavors (you 'll see below in our recipes) with ethnic dishes (Asian, French, Italian, Mexican cuisine and more).
We gathered recipes from specialists but also from individuals, and we 'll share three of them with your parcel.
More will follow through our next newsletters.

It will come to you in a sturdy paper box, a specialty from The Spartan Table.


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