Natural Honey from wild flowers and herbs with Wild Walnuts


Delicious wild walnuts with honey from wild flowers, 310gr (11oz) in Pet Jar

You can't imagine the taste , till You try it!


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George's Grandmother, Potoula, was born in 1915 in a village (it was big back then) on Parnonas mountain. The name of this village is Vresthena, and it is perched on the mountain side, about 900 meters up.

As our family grew and our daily routines took all of our energy and time, this village house had started to fade from our memory. Though it is only 26km from Sparta (just 25 minutes by car), we started visiting it less and less, until one Autumn day last year, after not having visited it for 8 -10 years, in a moment of inspiration we got in the car and drove there. The old door on the house had stuck shut and it was a little embarrasing trying to enter our own house from the side, which was down a narrow path leading to the back of the house near the old garden. We still remember the moment when we passed the stone wall. We saw the biggest walnut trees we had ever seen! To our eyes, they seemed be the silent guardians of the place, huge and peaceful.

As you can probably understand, that day we didn't actually enter the house. We spent a few hours looking at the trees and the garden and gathering the few remaining walnuts.
Someone had been there before us in the abandoned garden and swept the trees clean. That day we made a promise to our selves that we would devote some time in the future and give life to the old house.

A few days ago, we went back. We were lucky; the huge trees were ready to offer us their treasures now, and this bounty is what we are sharing with you today.

We decided to offer one of the most simple and tastiest combinations... walnuts with honey. It comes to you in a plastic jar (to save weight when shipping). We use 60-70gr of walnuts and then fill it with honey from wild flowers.

We are certain that you will love it! Enjoy it anytime of the day... at breakfast, as a quick and healthy snack, after lunch (with yogurt is a fantastic combination), or even at dinner.
The choice is yours!....