Gift Box, "The Citizens" series : "Among Equals", Wild Tea Herbs Sesame Bars and Black Raisins, The Spartan way


The "Citizens" series : "Among Equals" gift Box.
Wild Herbs Teas, Black Raisins and Sesame bars.
The Spartan way.


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Over the last 3 years we tried and experimented various ways in order to present You only the Best and Authentic treasures of our Mythical land.

This Gift Box l is one of our new series of Special ones and it's an Affordable & Wonderful Gift idea.

Based on "The Ephors" series pack the "Citizens" ones have a combination of lighter but also Beautiful packaging including more products while combines a lower price.

3 PET Jars (BPA free) with Aluminum cap:
Shepherd's Tea - The Greek Mountain Tea on its best!
It's not a surprise that gains more fans every day!
The Rare Wild Mint. Its Aroma and Taste are out of this world.
Black Raisins dried.You 'll find Yourself asking for more.
Sesame Bars in PET wrap. The Original recipe.You 'll "stuck" with these.

A Collection of 6oz (128gr) of Natural Authentic Products of the Spartan Land, as they remain Pure and "untouched" from today's "modern civilization"

In Old Times this could be a "Daily Gift for the for the People"...
Nowdays, we did our best so You can offer it to Your Friends, Family, Colleagues, Teachers..

And a last but important note : Shipping fees are FREE...

So, don't think it twice... Offer "The Ephors" Parcel to Your Beloved Ones or to Yourself.
You deserve it!

All our love
Jehny & George

About the "Citizens" (Where we got the inspiration for the name of the new parcels):

The "citizens" (also called "homoioi" or "Spartiates") owned land.
Sparta was the only Greek city-state to introduce a land reform aimed at equalizing land-ownership wealth among its citizens.It was far in advance of the others when it came to equal rights for women and the whole barracks-upbringing thing tended to equalize society to a great extent.