Gift parcel, "The Ephors" series : "The Wise Decision", Wild Herbs EVOO and Sea Salt, A Gift that can't be missed


"The Ephors" series : "The Wise Decision" gift Box.
Wild Herbs EVOO and Sea Salt.
A Gift that can't be missed


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Over the last 3 years we tried and experimented various ways in order to present You only the Best and Authentic treasures of our Mythical land.

This Gift Box l is one of our new series of Special ones and it's an Affordable & Luxury Gift idea.

Based on "The Kings" series ,"The Ephors" pack is an Expansion of the Authentic Collection from our Treasures!

6 glass series with:

Wild Oregano, Peppermint, Savory, Thyme, Rosemary, Natural Sea Salt
A Pet Bottle of 50ml EVOO from our Olive Groves , raw and unfiltered.

A Collection of 4oz (112gr) of Natural Authentic Products of the Spartan Land, as they remain Pure and "untouched" from today's "modern civilization"

In Old Times this could be a "Gift for the Ephors or People in the King's Yard"...
Nowdays, we did our best so You can offer it to Your "Ephors"... Family , Friends, Colleagues..

And a last but important note : Shipping fees are FREE...

So, don't think it twice... Offer "The Ephors" Parcel to Your Beloved Ones or to Yourself.
You deserve it!

All our love
Jehny & George

About the "5 Ephors" (Where we got the inspiration for the name of the new parcels):

Sparta had a council with 5 members - supposedly the most powerful branch (combining legislative, judicial, financial, and executive duties, most importantly the latter). They were elected annually and theoretically any Spartan could become an Ephor. Assumed office on the first day of each year (in the Spartan calendar they knew about equinoxes). Ephors had the power to indict the king. (One king at a time. The king would be indicted, tried before a court consisting of the Ephors and Gerousia [the latter including the other co-king], and if impeached would be de-crowned, or sometimes just fined. At least two kings were thus deposed, but at least one was thus-tried but not impeached). The Ephors also were the supreme court. Two Ephors always went with a king on a campaign to control arrogance and to protect the interests of the whole State.