Handmade Olive Paste, Olive Spread, Olive Pate, Based on Old Traditional Family recipe from greek kalamon olives, healthy snack


Olive Paste, handmade, based on Old Traditional family recipe, 100gr in glass jar.

Based on our Family's Traditional Recipe (since early 1900's).


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My Grandmother shared with me her secret 20 years ago and since then one question tormented me.
Could I add my personal "touch" in this sacred receipt and make it better?

I was experimentιng for many years. Each member of the family, relative, friend, tried several variations of the paste, again and again. Till I ended up in a permanent recipe.
I use only the best Olives from our farms, Wild Oregano from Taygetos, Our Amazing Extra Virgin Olive Oil and...
The rest is yours to taste and discover...

Each Handmade Vase contains 3,6oz (100r) of Olive Paste.
Ideal for Breakfast and for Snack.
Once You open the jar and use the paste (if you don't consume it at once), be sure that there's a thin "film" of olive oil on top.
You can keep it, both in and outside the refrigerator.