Handmade Soap, Natural Homemade Soap, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap, Wild Herb Bath Soap Bar, Facial Soap, Bath Soap, 3 pieces, 200gr, 7.05 oz


3 Natural Olive Oil and Herbs Handmade Bath Soap Bars, made using the traditional method, 200gr avg. weight


Note : Reviews and Feedback from our Friends


Why did we decide to offer our humble and primitive handmade olive oil soaps for the face and bath? For one simple reason... to give you a feel for the simple Spartan way of life that we enjoy. The recipe couldn’t be be more simple... extra virgin olive oil, wild herbs and aloe.

Over the last 6 months, we had the honor and pleasure of sharing our homemade soaps with some dear friends. Their feedback and nudges fueled our self confidence and we decided to present you with 3 versions of our soap.

In your package, you will receive 3 bars of soap:

1. One bar of soap that is very slightly and delicately scented, almost unscented, in a pure raw form (as shown in the photos). Made with extra Virgin olive oil, calendula, lemon and aloe.

2. One bar of soap with a light Jasmine scent. Made with extra Virgin olive oil, and Jasmine pieces.

3. One bar of soap with a light Lavender scent. Made with extra Virgin olive oil, and Lavendar pieces.

All three soaps can be used for the whole body and hair...Thanks to the olive oil, they leave your skin smooth and fresh in a beautifully natural way.


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