Handpicked Wild Oregano dried, natural herb, Unique Cooking Gift, Highest Quality, Origanum vulgare Hirtum, Mountain Taygetus, Sparta


Listing is for 28 gr (1oz) of Oregano from Taygetus harvested by hand with care.



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Origanum vulgare Hirtum.
Perhaps the Best Oregano Worldwide.
Oregano is crumbled by hand.
If you want to get it with its branches (uncrumbled) pls ask us for it.
Keep in mind , that a match of 28gr crumbled oregano , gives not more than 14gr of clear product.

In our area it is the old women gathering the wild oregano. They get up very early in the morning and start their arduous climb up the Taygetos ridge. Every woman knows the best spot to harvest her wild oregano. The exact location remaining a family secret passed on by mother to daughter only.

Oregano in my area is sold by the twig. And it takes many, many twigs to carefully fill the bag the postman shall bring to you.

I use Oregano for nearly every dish. It is just like olive oil and olives a staple of the Spartan cuisine.

Sprinkle it over your salad, season your meat, rub it into a marinade or simply taste it on slice of pan-roasted bread with a few drops of olive oil. Celebrate the best of Greek cuisine with the Oregano from Taygetos grown in the wild without leaving the comfort of your home.
Καλή όρεξη!
(kali orexi means “enjoy your meal” and is pronounced "kah-LEE OH-reh-xee”)

Long live Sparta! Celebrate the best of Greek cuisine without leaving the comfort of your home. Taste the special Oregano from Taygetos.

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