Herb, tea and salt sampler, taste of Sparta, "Ambassador" series : "Wonderful 11"


This herb, tea leaf and salt sampler includes a package of 11 flavorful hand harvested products from our beautiful land. This package is like receiving a A Culinary Ambassador of Sparta.


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A Parcel of "Wonderful 11 Products" - 130gr (appr. 5oz)

What you will find in the "Ambassador Parcel"
1) Wild Thyme
2) Wild Oregano
3) Wild Rosemary
4) Wild Bay Leaves
5) Black Raisins
6) Shepherd's Tea
7) Sea Salt from Mani
8) Peppermint
9) Chamomile
10) Wild Savory
11) Wild Mint

Dear Friends

It's been a long time and we've started wondering about a good way to introduce ourselves to those who don't yet know us. It's only been a year and a half since we started our store on this amazing platform called Etsy and we are thrilled with the love and care we've received each day from people like you.

We would very much like to come and see you, talk to you and explain to you who we are and why we do what we do, but this is impossible. The physical distance between us is big and not easily covered. We only have this letter.

But imagine.... it's early in the morning and you've just started your day. You hear a knock at your front door. When you open the door you see a smiling person holding a small parcel for you. This parcel is covered with beautiful stamps and what looks at first like Chinese writing. But then you smile to yourself as you realize that these are Greek letters.

Gently the person puts the parcel in your hands and as you close the door and step back into your kitchen you are wondering who could have sent you such a gift. As you open the parcel you are joined by members of your family or perhaps a dear friend, your curiosity grows...

The small parcel doesn't have many secrets to hide and soon you are holding some small bags filled with dried herbs, some of which are familiar and other that you have never seen before. The smell of herbs is breathtaking. They seems to have a seductive aroma that beckons you to try them at once. And still smiling it is at this moment that you've been transported, welcomed to our mythic land.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a family and we live in beautiful Sparta, Greece. Our names are Jehny and George and we have two small "riots" names Vasilis (Bill) who is nine years old and Panayota who is seven. There is nothing extraordinary about us, we are people just like you. We could be your neighbors (the ones you like) or your friends or anyone with whom you share your unique moments in life. Moments where you have long talks, laugh, cry or simply gather around a table full of wonderful food...moments you'll cherish forever.

Here in Sparta our table is not big but it's full of love and has room for all of our friends. Although it can't be moved it can still "travel" with each small parcel we make. In fact we like to think that we travel with each parcel. A little piece of our love and caring are there when you open the parcel, and cook using our herbs and oils. it is in this way that we can make a special place for you at our table, despite the hundreds or even thousands of miles that separate us.

Each of our parcels is an "Ambassador" of Sparta. Within it is carried the legacy of this mythical place. Sparta is freedom, dignity, humanity, hospitality, love, and care. All things that make us human, all things that make us Spartan regardless of where we're born or where we live.

We humbly invite you to join us at our table by offering you this special parcel filled with samples of 11 products.The parcel will contain all natural, fresh dried herbs and teas, including Greek oregano, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, sage, Peppermint,shepherd's tea, chamomile, Savory, Mint and sea salt from the Mani. Our spices and teas grow wild on the Mountains and on our farm. They are gathered by hand and dried with care and love.

They are the perfect gift for cooks, foodies or anyone who appreciates naturally grown, fresh and flavorful herbs and teas.

Thank you for making us one of your favorites and for giving us the opportunity to share our products with you and your loved ones.

May your day be bright and may a knock on your door bring many wonderful surprises...perhaps even a parcel from Sparta.

All Our Love..
From Sparta
Jehny, George, Vasilis, Panayota.


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