Natural Chamomile, Handpicked from Mountain Parnonas


Wild Chamomile Tea - from Mountain Parnonas - Sparta - Greece
1 oz (28gr)
Natural chamomile


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You can make 10 - 12 cups, depending how "strong" taste you like.

...Chamomile and Olive Oil to make Children Sleep..
An Old Phrase that comes from centuries ago…
It is said , when you cut a flower of chamomile and you put something in your mind, you must count the petals.If the petals are an even number, you will achive you deisre, if not you won’t have the whole success.

Chamomile is a kind of magic herb.
It is perfect for a facial cleansing lotion,it refreshes tired and puffy eyes and treats hair by opening the color and giving them shine.
Some of it’s many benefits as a medicine are:
It is suitable for the common cold, stomatitis, and hemorrhoids.
A hot pack with chamomile soothe and treat local inflammations and infections, providing care to skin ulcers.
It also helps in the treatment of colic, mastitis, gout and to lower uric acid.
The flowering begins in April and lasts until June. From the plant we collect only the flowers. Then we dry these in a shady or dark place and pack carefully & tightly to preserve as much as possible more substances contained in collected flowers.