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Our Finest Extra virgin olive oil, is an ideal food and cooking gift.

In the box : Two (2) tin can 350ml each - 700ml total
Crop Date : Early November 2016 - handpicked.
Athinoelia & Koroneiki Varieties blend (80% - 20%)
Very Rich in Phenols (4x times than the EU2012 regulation for olive oil)


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Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil from our family farms - A basic of the Spartan Table

A true legacy of our ancient ancestors, this fine artisan olive oil is a blend of mostly Koroneiki olives. It will make the perfect gourmet food gift or gift for your favorite Greek. It can be used for cooking or as a table oil but also for skin care.

Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil.
What more we can say about it? If you visit us here, your eyes will be dazzled from the green sea of our olive trees, from which we carefully harvest the olives and make the oil that we offer for your enjoyment.

Even if you can't travel to and visit Sparta, you have try it for yourself and your loved ones.
It is a chance to taste the Green Gold!
Our finest in a bottle — the land, the myths and the legends flowing from our table, to yours.
We are very proud of it and hope that you will love it as much as we do!

We produce only Extra Virgin Olive Oil (as everybody does in Laconia). You can use it as we do:
In everyday meals.
In beauty recipes.
For your skin and hair.
For everything!