Artisanal Tomato Paste , from Family's traditional recipe with wild herbs and oil


One of the things that make our tomato paste so special is that our tomatoes are grown under the hot Mediterranean sun and hand harvested at the peak of their freshness when they are busting with flavor.
Our artisanal tomato paste is made using our time-tested family recipe that has been handed down through generations. We use the perfect balance of pure and simple ingredients from our orchards & our sundried tomatoes producing a robust flavored gourmet tomato paste.


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Our paste will add body and flavor to a wide variety of dishes taking them from ordinary to exceptional. Our yummy gourmet paste is also a delicious appetizer served on crackers or crostini.

When you purchase our artisanal tomato paste,you will receive it in a 5,7 oz (160 gr) glass jar.