Peppermint Organic, gourmet herb, Culinary mint, herbal tea mint, greek diosmos, dried greek mint herb, 2oz


Organic Dried Peppermint or Diosmos in Greek, from our groves on Taigetos mountain.
56r (2oz)  pack - Mint
Harvested by hand, dried naturally.


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(Pepper)mint , (Spear)mint or (Diosmos in Greek), is one of the most incredible herbs you can find.
..Taken it's English Name from the form of the leaves - They Look like spears..

Amongst the thousands of pages over the web , we find the following text :
"..Mint is an ancient herb used since antiquity for its culinary, medicinal and aromatic properties. The origins of mint are honored in a Greek myth that tells the tale that the plant was originally a nymph (Minthe), who was transformed into a plant by Persephone, who was jealous of the affections that her husband Pluto was showing to Minthe. While Pluto could not reverse the spell that his wife cast, he did impart Minthe with a sweet smell, so when she was walked upon in the garden, her aroma would be delightful to the senses.

Mint's characteristic smell has made it one of the more popular perfuming herbs throughout history. Around the globe, from Europe to India to the Middle East, mint has been used a strewing herb to clear the air in both temples and homes. Mint has also come to symbolize hospitality in many cultures. In ancient Greece, mint leaves were rubbed on dining tables to welcome guests, while in the Middle East, the host still traditionally offers mint tea to guests upon their arrival.

Mint has played an important role in the American tradition. While the Native Americans were using mint even before the arrival of the European settlers, the early colonists brought this prized herb with them from the Old World since they had long honored it for its therapeutic properties, as well as for the delicious hot tea beverage made from its leaves. ..."

You can use peppermint mostly cooking meat , sauces and pies.

A cup of fresh mint tea can help to soothe your stomach and your nerves.
Giveto any fruit salad a unique perk by adding some fresh mint leaves to it.
Add chopped mint leaves to gazpacho or other soups that feature tomatoes as the freshness of the mint complements the sweet acidity of tomatoes very well.