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Black Raisins, Sun Dried, 140gr (5oz)
Raisins Sun Dried.
From "Corinth variety"


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All started , about 12 years ago, when one of my Dearest Friends Helen, who was a fellow student at the University, decided to move with her husband and 2 sons back to her Father's village near Corinth.
His Father George, was (and is still) cultivating on the mountain the famous Korinth Black Raisin.
So, one weekend of March which we had visited them, she gave us some braches of the plant.
She prompted us to plant this asap in our groves and take care of them..
Back then, we couldn't think that it will come one day that we will present our own raisins to our Friends...
But the time has come..
We are so happy to present You , our raisins..
Gathered end of each summer by hand and dried naturally, these raisins are a perfect food..
You can eat them as they are, combined with honey, with yogurt, with cereals in your breakfast.
You can use these in cooking, in sweets... Use your imagination and the uses are too many..

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