Sage Dried Wild, culinary and herbal tea plant, Four Thieves Oil, salvia officinalis, from mount Taygetus, 2oz


Sage Wild Dried 56gr (2oz) - salvia officinalis

Carefully harvested by hand on Taygetos Mountain.
You can make 22 - 28 cups, depending how "strong" taste you like.


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Our  wild sage work fantastic as smudge sticks to burn! Use the leafs for food or tea, use the sticks as incense!

It took its Latin name " salvia " from the verb salvere, meaning " be healthy .It Considered sacred herb by the Greeks dedicated it to Zeus and and by the Romans who went to Britain.
In ancient times our ancestors used it as multi-drug.Hippocrates , Dioscorides and Galen Aetius were mentioning this herb very often.The Latins considered it as sacred plant and they used it in ceremonies . It was the plant of immortality.Doctors of the School of Salerno believed that "whoever has home sage is not scared of death ."
Arabs say "how can a man who has sage in his garden , die? " .
The sage was known in ancient times and mentioned by Dioscorides , the Aetius , Hippocrates and Galen , who used it to stimulate the mind and body. Women in ancient Greece welcomed their men from the war with a drink from sage to " stimulate " fertility. Dioscorides recommended it for bleeding and disorderly period .
The Chinese call it "Greek vrastari" and consider it as better than tea!.
In the Middle Ages people exchanged three times the amount of the best quality tea with a small amount of sage.
 The French call it Greek tea and use it like other Europeans not only in medicine but also for culinary purposes.
Another interesting story reported, that in the great plague which broke out in Toulouse in 1630 , some thieves looted the corpses without getting stuck themselves. At the trial that followed , they exchanged their lives with the secret of immunization , which was an ointment manufactured from Sage , Thyme , Lavender and Rosemary. After about a century other thieves copied the intment adding garlic.This receipt became known as " oil of four thieves " and used preventive for other epidemic of infectious diseases.

Sage produces substances of antimicrobial activity , which makes it useful for antiseptic applications, such as protection from microbes formulations as mouthwashes . Very important is the fact that in aqueous and alcoholic extracts of sage are substances with antimicrobial activity , with the result used in the treatment of diseases such as chronic bronchitis .

Besides the considerable use of sage in medicine, it finds application in other fields like flavoring industry . At the same time , the antioxidant makes it useful in the food industry since it is preservative and replace synthetic preservatives. It is Considered as a great tonic for memory (helps at Alzheimer issues) and is beneficial to the hair.
But it must not be taken from any epileptic subjects, since it contains thyioni which can trigger seizures. It's also prohibited during pregnancy.