Sesame Bars Handmade, Nougat with sesame and honey, Pasteli, a treat You can't resist SPECIAL PROMO


Sesame Bars Handmade, Nougat with sesame and honey, Pasteli, a treat You can't resist

Parcel of 500gr, contains 340gr (12oz) net product. About 12 - 17 pieces of handmade sesame bars.


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All started actually 4 years ago, in September of 2011. Billy was ready for his first year at Elementary school and one of our biggest fears, was his daily snack during the school day!

The solution came easily. Sesame bars. As Billy loved honey, he stuck immediately upon tasting the first sesame bars. And since then, almost every day he got in his bag a couple of these bars. Thankfully, this healthy habit has been followed by Panayota who (mostly from jealousy at the beginning!) can't resist too at this delicious snack.

So, we believe that the time has come to present You our handmade Sesame Bars, or "Pasteli" as we call it in Greece.

They "fit" in every moment of the day. You can have them with You everywhere.
And because they are small and light, they got only a tiny space in Your bag.
Try these with Your favorite tea, or coffee.
Share these with Your Beloved Ones. Make these Your "daily healthy habbit".

Historical infos:
"Pasteli", or Sesame Bar or nougat is a traditional Greek sweet based on sesame and honey, two natural products with high nutritional value. Its roots are lost in antiquity.
Honey and sesame were components of the diet of the ancient Greeks, who had devised various dishes to exploit them. Sesame Bars, are rich in nutrients and energy.

The common name of sesame bars in ancient times was "sisamis- (idos)".
They were symbols of fertility and offered to the guests, especially the to bride after the wedding ceremony, as well as the newly married couple was crossing the threshold of the house.

About Packaging:
All Handmade Sesame Bars are packed individually in PET bags and placed in a Wonderful Gift Box. They are also a beautiful gift for weddings, anniversaries, etc

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