Shepherds Tea, herbal tea, wild Greek Mountain Tea, Sideritis clandestina, from Mountain Parnonas, 1oz


Shepherds Tea herbal Wild Greek Herbal Mountain Tea from Mountain Parnonas.

Wild Dried Herb from Spartan Land.


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Sideritis clandestina -  Herbal tea

Harvested by hand at 1500 meters height. Dried Naturally.

Package of 28 gr (1oz) dried naturally.
You can make 10 - 14 cups, depending how "strong" taste you like.
If conserved properly in a dark and dry place,
mountain tea has an average life span of about 2 years.

- Origin and History -
The  herbal tea is hand-picked from Mountain Parnonas in Lakonia, at elevations over 1000 meters.This rare tea is also known as "Shepherd's Tea" because Greek shepherds would use the plants to make a brewed tea while tending to their flocks on the mountainsides.

It's taste is sweet floral and earthy with an unforgettable aroma.Mountain Tea is enormously popular in Greece, and used most often in winter when levels of physical activity decrease and colds, aches, and pains increase. It is said to have a positive effect on almost anything that ails but, most notably, it is used for colds, respiratory problems, digestion, the immune system, mild anxiety, and as an anti-oxidant. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory and to reduce fever.Recent Studies indicate that assists in the prevention of osteoporosis and even cancer.
Research confirms that this tea has a positive effect on a myriad of different ailments including colds , fever, respiratory problems , digestion problems and anxiety.

Let's Make Tea:
1/2 ounce of the dried leaves and flowers (you can add ofcource less or more, it's up to Your taste)
1 quart of boiling water
Pour boiling water over the tea and let steep for no longer than 10 minutes.
Strain and drink (with honey, sugar, or plain).If you like you can add some drops of lemon.
You can drink this herb tea cold too.

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