St John's Wort Oil with EVOO , The Medicine of Ancient Spartans, from the place of it's Origin


St John's Wort (With Extra Virgin Olive Oil) - 50ml (1,78oz) - Glass bottle.
The Ancient Medicine..

Do You have any wounds from a fight with sabers? No?:)....Well,.... Neither we!!
In Ancient Sparta, it was the medicine for the wounds from the battles...


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So, what's all about this famous Ancient recipe?

Our Story with the St John's Wort ( we call it Valsamolado or BalsamOil) comes from our childhood...
Every scratch, every pain from nerves, and even any suspicious "view" on our skins, was a reason for our Grandmothers to put some of this "Oil" on the problematic area (really!... the Elders where using these in many cases... it was - and still it is - a "panacea" for many symptoms..
Today, modern Medicine has proven the versatility of this amazing product..
So, we are proud , to present You, the Balsam Oil, from it's place of Origin...
We use only Extra Virgin Olive Oil (which is common for our land) and the result is just Amazing..
We won't write more... We simply suggest You , to have always even a small bottle of this Oil in Your Home.. Time really doesn't effect it.. So. don't worry if You keep it for even 10 years!..
Just keep it in a dark place...

Ah.. And a last note... But very important too...
You can drink it.. just a small spoon every morning, for few weeks..
It helps the stomach .... and helps in situations of depression !... But always you should get advice from Your Doctor...