Wild Mint Dried, Wild Dried Herbs from Spartan LandAn fantastic culinary and tea herb from Mountain Taygetus, 1oz pack


Wild Mint 28gr (1oz) from Taygetos mountain.
Handpicked from 1600 meters height  & Dried Naturally.


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Wild Dried Herb from Spartan Land.

This rare wild mint is carefully harvested by hand - its intense fresh taste is incredible.

Try it and You 'll understand what we mean!

Both in taste and smell - enjoy in food or as a tea.
You can make 14 - 20 cups, depending how "strong" taste you like.

Some useful infos about:
The brew is aromatic and refreshing. Has spasmolytic, stimulant and at high doses aphrodisiac properties.
Also is good for the following: nervousness, insomnia, dizziness, migraines, cough and debility of the digestive system. It helps cholagogue and liver function. Is soothing coughs and hay fever.


Note:Should not be used by breastfeeding women because stops milk.

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