Wild Savory Dried, A herb that should not be missing from any Kitchen, 28r


Wild Savory -  1 oz Pack

Wild Dried Herb from Spartan Land.

Enjoy our fresh, handpicked wild savory from Mount Tayetus near Sparta, Greece, a fragrant herb that makes the perfect culinary or chef gift.


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A Herb that should not be missing from any Kitchen!

This Incredible Herb, is a relative of Thyme and is highly using in Mediterranean Cuisine.
It 's a small plant which is located in dry and rocky areas.
Well known from ancient years, "Throubi" (the greek name) was using in several diseases and as a flavoring in cooking.Still today is one of the best spices for meat.
Ancient Greeks used it in wine (wine thrymvitis) and used savory concoction to wash the barrels before putting the wine to kill fungus.(Note: This technique with Savory is still using nowdays from wine makers).
The ancient Romans used it also as for aphrodisiac.
When they had sores in the mouth or throat ,they gargled with a decoction made from savory and wine and after they were swallowing it.
Another old use of savory decoction is using 3-4 drops in the ears before bedtime which improves hearing and stop the buzz. The decoction of savory considers stimulant and tonic and acts of mental and physical fatigue, helps asthma, nausea , kidney stone and are diarrhea, even kills bacteria germs and funges.
The old Cretans covered with leaves of savory the cheese and put it in brine.
The leaves of savory are using in various foods to add aroma but also because of their antitoxic properties.
Savory is a good appetizer with a beneficial effect on the weakness and debility of the stomach. It helps digestion .
It acts as a sedative at rheumatic arthritic pains .
As a general conclusion savory is famous for its energizing effect on stamina.